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From ‘Citing Wikipedia’ page at Wikepedia:

For many purposes, but particularly in academia, Wikipedia may not be considered an acceptable source.[citation needed]

Since changed though.


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February 9, 2007 at 1:56 pm

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Wikipedia Has a Web 3.0 Page

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Wikipedia entry on Web 3.0 says(at the moment)

Web 3.0 is a term that has been coined to describe the Semantic Web which aims to “organize the world’s information” using a declarative ontological language such as OWL.

Interestingly this entry has survived since 16 Nov’05. I guess this page is destined to be trolled to death.

Written by Brajesh

September 19, 2006 at 4:26 am

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Citizendium – Wikipedia 2.0?

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After all, these days everything comes with a 2.0 tag :-).

The Citizendium (sit-ih-ZEN-dee-um), a “citizens’ compendium of everything,” will be an experimental new wiki project that combines public participation with gentle expert guidance.

It will begin life as a “progressive fork” of Wikipedia.

That means – to begin with it’ll have all the wikepedia articles, and then people start making changes to articles in the Citizendium.

Although intentions (without any comments on enmity between wikipedia co-founders Jimbo Wales and Larry Sanger) and direction looks right for Citizendium; yet it’s very difficult for any new project to gain the critical mass, the success like Wikipedia. IMO, number of trolls you get is one quantifiable/definite meassure of popularity. And even though wikipedia model is arguably flawed, it has proven to be good enough so far.

Written by Brajesh

September 19, 2006 at 4:26 am

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Non- English Web World

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Cache mining of traffic from Wikipedia pages shows that English Wikipedia pages are accessed more than any other language(35%). The figure is surprisingly lower than expected considering demographics of Internet users and dominance of English speakers. Even more surprising was the fact that most Wikipedia usage from a country is from Japan(22%), which also explains the high figures for Japanese segment of Wikipedia. US and Germany are next, while India lying much below with 1%.

Written by Brajesh

September 2, 2005 at 11:56 pm

Abusing Wikipedia

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Wikipedia is vulnerable. Anyone can change it the way (s)he desires. A case has been reported of an atricle on Wikipedia about a fictional character potraying as a real person. The fictional character Kane belongs to an online alternate reality game from BBC.

There has been lot of debate over the reliability of Wikipedia as a trusted source of knowledge. But the point is, such a system is self cleansing. The fact that the truth came out so quickly is good indicator of the effectiveness of the design.

Now, some argue that “The premise of Wikipedia is that continuous improvement will lead to perfection. That premise is completely unproven”. Apparently it is. But the past has shown, just as this time, errors don’t go unnoticed on Wikipedia. If someone is interested in the reliable information, just combine the discussion page with article and one will get all the different perspectives on issue of the quest.

Someone will always be able to abuse any system, or may be Wikipedia is vulnerable to abuse, but it is made by design to correct itself over the time, and that is Wikipedia’s greatest strength.

Written by Brajesh

August 15, 2005 at 10:06 pm

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Of five points and bad karma

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Recently, I got moderator access on slashdot for three days, which meant I had five points to mod up or down any post. I have been active on the forum, as a result my karma level has been fluctuating lately.
Slashdot is an interesting concept, that too a pretty successful one..a perfect example of self-sustained organically growing entity. Other examples, I can think of are wikipedia and experts-exchangeorkut had shown some promise and grown pretty quickly in its early days..but somewhere it lost track. This is not to say that I am comparing orkut with slashdot. Of course, there can’t be any comparision. orkut has almost five times more users than slashdot, orkut is just one year old, while slashdot is around for 8 years ,yet, the level of participation on slashdot is much larger and much more intriguing.

Written by Brajesh

May 8, 2005 at 1:50 am

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