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Lack of External Links in RSS Feeds

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Full vs partial RSS feed is an old debate. I understand that a site needs to accumulate page views and ad impressions to pay for bandwidth. Now, Digg’s RSS feed and Slashdot’s RSS feed – both these sites don’t have much original content apart from the story comments. (Reading Slashdot comments is fun, even a few trolls. Digg comments OTOH are invariably retarded). These sites are not obliged to put all “their” content in RSS feeds, and may be that’s just me, but throwing an external link or two won’t hurt the click-through much and they can always put ads in feed.


Written by Brajesh

January 17, 2008 at 12:09 am

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Two on Two

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I got two stories posted on slashdot in last two days. And all that while I was digging deep through Code Obfuscation. I feel great now.

The first story on Apple iTunes security flaw getting discovered and the other one on P2P after seven years from the release of Napster.

There were a few earlier. Update on Standards and CSS in IE7, the one about P2P getting declared a crime by EU, P2P trends and one related to Wikipedia editorial control found a place in slashback.

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November 22, 2005 at 3:01 am

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Bram Cohen on Slashdot

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While skimming through Bram Cohen‘s comments about Avalanche on his blog, I came across his views on Slashdot discussions.

“I’ve generally avoided slashdot discussion, due to the poor quality of discussion there.The other day I fiddled with it a bit, and set the value for ‘funny’ to be -4, the minimum to display to 3, and display to nested, and suddenly the quality of discussion is altogether more reasonable.
This presents a bit of a theoretical problem. I’ve long held the opinion that in trust metrics someone else’s positive cert shouldn’t be counted as a negative cert, because it’s trivially gameable, and yet here it is, exactly that technique is working quite well. I’m not sure what to make of it.”

Some discussion followed this entry:

Uke : “funny” isn’t positive or negative–it’s a dimension. (well, at least one dimension.)if you admit the possibility that opinions could be negatively correlated, then you get a lot better results from reputation systems when you reliably disagree with someone!
Bram: I might buy that if I didn’t like things which are funny. I do like things which are funny, the problem is that the vast bulk of things labelled ‘funny’ on slashdot aren’t funny at all, they’re obnoxious.
Uke : That’s why I said that it was at least one dimension. On slashdot, “funny” maps to a positive opinion for some people, and a negative one for some other people. “Funny” has no universal meaning on slashdot, just like it has no universal meaning anywhere else in the realm of human language.

My views; well sometimes what modded “funny” might not funny at all, but then there is meta moderation, which eventually eliminates bad/incompetent moderators. Isn’t it here even the wiki concept shares grounds with this. The system eventually corrects itself (or gets extinct, I must add). And obvious but obligatory, “funny” is an individual perception. You can’t lay all the reliability on the moderation system, as it’ll always have all the shortcomings of a democratic system(read anonymous moderation, in this case). IMDb‘s rating system is much more flawed in that sense, and no-one should take it as the ultimate truth, yet these scores do give a general idea of things.
Perhaps, a more reliable system would be weighted moderation, everyone who rates has a weight associated with him/her (Google page rank?), or even custom weights assigned by the reader. Would it be scalable? Yes! certainly.

Written by Brajesh

June 21, 2005 at 12:51 am

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Of five points and bad karma

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Recently, I got moderator access on slashdot for three days, which meant I had five points to mod up or down any post. I have been active on the forum, as a result my karma level has been fluctuating lately.
Slashdot is an interesting concept, that too a pretty successful one..a perfect example of self-sustained organically growing entity. Other examples, I can think of are wikipedia and experts-exchangeorkut had shown some promise and grown pretty quickly in its early days..but somewhere it lost track. This is not to say that I am comparing orkut with slashdot. Of course, there can’t be any comparision. orkut has almost five times more users than slashdot, orkut is just one year old, while slashdot is around for 8 years ,yet, the level of participation on slashdot is much larger and much more intriguing.

Written by Brajesh

May 8, 2005 at 1:50 am

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