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Web-based Spreadsheet Patent

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Just found this patent (#6,988,241) filed by IBM back in 2000 and issued on Jan 17, 2006.
From the abstract:

A method and system that that allows a designer to create “spreadsheet” web pages, which can then be viewed and used by the designer and/or by other users. The described embodiments of the present invention allow people to collaborate and to share spreadsheets over the web. The described embodiment allows a user of the spreadsheet to email the spreadsheet to others and to embed the spreadsheet into web pages owned by the designer or by third parties.

I’m not sure how this works but, if I understand this right, all those web-based spreadsheets apps by Google, Zoho and others are infringing.


Written by Brajesh

June 3, 2007 at 3:50 pm