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Persistent “Bad Request – Error 400” when using Google Apps Mail

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Gmail for Google Apps sometimes throws “Bad Request – Error 400” after you have persistent session (chose to “Stay signed in” while logging in). I have 4-5 Gmail accounts which I’m usually logged in at the same time, and I get this “Bad Request – Error 400” error on one of the accounts. I use Firefox as my main browser (because apparently Google Chrome cannot support even the latest CentOS 5.x with official repo and Chromium build is stuck at version 13 for CentOS 5)

Google suggests – “Clear your browser’s cache and cookies” which means I need to kill all my active sessions and sign in all 5 gmail accounts again, which is pretty unproductive.

By trial and error, I found the following solution for Firefox-

  1. Install an extension which allows you to view cookie information of a browser tab and selectively delete cookies (I use Web Developer)
  2. List all the cookies on “Bad Request – Error 400” page (“View Cookie Information” on Web-developer extension)
  3. Delete the cookies which have long string values GMAIL_IMP. If you delete all the cookies, you may have to sign in to that account again, but usually deleting only some cookies works for me without needing to sign in again
  4. Refresh the browser tab which was showing  “Bad Request – Error 400” and done.

[update: Rob identified the cookie to be deleted]


Written by Brajesh

July 17, 2012 at 6:14 am

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