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A Case Against Having Bookmarking Icons On a Site

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bookmarking.pngNot that I was ever able to have bookmarking icons here, as this blog is hosted on with limited customization capabilities. I still want to present a case against having them. This one borrows generously from a comment that I recently encountered. With all due credit to ssp, here it goes after my editing/formatting-

wouldn’t you agree that having half a dozen ‘witty’ web 2 icons on your site

  1. makes it uglier,
  2. alienates people who don’t understand half of them,
  3. suggests you’re a bit of a web sucker who can’t wait for his 15 seconds of web 2 fame,
  4. insults the people viewing your pages by suggesting that
    • they are web 2 suckers as well who would put some ramble up on a bookmarking site and that
    • despite being web 2 suckers they’re too stupid to have a bookmarklet (or other technique) for the one service they actually use handy?

Just asking…

Or just show me the data which show a benefit of having those icons for a page being bookmarked. And, IMNSHO more relevantly, whether this benefit applies to good/helpful pages in the same extent as to meaningless/not-so-helpful pages.

I would never in my life could say it better. But exactly my thoughts. Perhaps there is a reason why Techcrunch doesn’t have them. I would be disappointed if it does.

Written by Brajesh

July 31, 2006 at 8:29 am

Posted in Content, Rant, Trends, Web 2.0

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