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What I hate about Podcasts/Vlogs

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PodcastingI just wanted to list some general observations from the perspective of a consumer (and not a creator).

  • Size: Sample this – a 5 min rocketboom show (a new found thing for me, after all that brouhaha) the file size amounts to ~28mb. That’s just insane. Too much of a hassle. My bandwidth is precious. Why doesn’t everyone use divX/xVid compression along with all other formats just for sake of choice? Or flash maybe. Audio formats are little better placed, but still!
  • Linking: I have to download/stream the entire piece just to get to the interesting part somebody mentioned/linked. How about the ability to generate a permalink to particular portion of the podcast/vlog content– just like quoting text from a blog?
  • Transcripts/Summaries: Availability in alternate formats is usually non-existent. Though I understand that each format is unique and all the subtleties and nuances are impossible to incorporate. *rolls eyes* (Watch Jumanji with subtitles :-))
  • Tagging/Commenting: I have been somewhat irregular/occasional subscriber to Geek News Central, TalkCrunch, Morning Coffee Notes and FuzzyBlog over the last year or so, and I use iTunes to manage my podcasts. I can’t tag or comment an episode for later reference and have to depend upon the provided description, which is again – not searchable.

Written by Brajesh

July 14, 2006 at 12:56 pm

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  1. […] Amazing coincidence. Within one week after I blogged how we need direct permalink to the particular part of the video content, Google Video has come up with the exact same feature. Google Video now allows you to link straight to a specific part of a video by appending e.g. #1m35s to the video URL. […]

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