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Live Clipboard for the Web

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Microsoft’s Ray Ozzie has come up with the idea of live clipboard for the web. I started watching screencasts skeptically thinking the idea to be another creation of the MS hype machine, but eventually I ended up watching all five of them.

The live clipboard idea looks appealing, implementable and probably the way to go. All it would need is that structured metadata is understood across websites, applications and operating systems. I guess that’s too much to ask, considering the inhibitions against everything Microsoft does with respect to standards. But the idea in itself is compelling, and it’ll be useful even if it can just be implemented across websites (watch #1). And we can expect at least Windows OS support if the idea gains some ground. Dave Winer has a mention of this too.

Standards these days are tricky things. We don’t even have a standard for syndication as yet.

Written by Brajesh

March 7, 2006 at 7:20 pm

Posted in Future, Microsoft, RSS

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